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Damon System


Dr. Oppenhuizen utilizes Damon clear brackets to achieve our aesthetic goals. They are efficient, effective, rugged and, most importantly, the most esthetic bracket available today. Hard to notice them in the photo above; or on your teeth. Click the bracket to see a video on the Damon clear.











Click on the smiling patient above to see how the Damon system works to move teeth, enhance dental arch shape and improve smile aesthetics.

The Damon System features a creative mechanical structure: a passive conduit that permits low force wires to work in conjunction with the muscles of the face, tongue, bone and tissue. The combination of low forces and reduced friction minimize discomfort and greatly increase the types of cases that can be treated without supplemental high-force expansion devices or extractions.


damon-clear-bracket traditional-bracketTraditional braces use wires or elastics to hold the wire in the bracket like a bungee cord. The Damon bracket utilizes a sliding mechanism (like a trap door) over the bracket which allows the wire to be secured to the bracket without the need for ties.

Elastic ties increase resistance, degrade, and become unesthetic between appointments.






There is a place for extractions. Dr. Oppenhuizen decides, in part, by evaluating how your teeth fit into your face. Full lips may call for extractions while thin lips look for a non extraction approach. Many factors are involved, Dr. Oppenhuizen will evaluate how it all works together for you.

Either way, Damon clear brackets look great and work fantastic.