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Our Practice Values


Orthodontic care designed to make your smile, teeth, and face look their best now and in the future with as little orthodontic intervention as possible and the least expense to you. There are countless little things we do that all add up to make this happen – consistently. Our results show what we do.

Our approach is simply to provide for you everything that orthodontic care can be. Not only in treatment but also in treating you right.

Using cutting edge technology, the extractions occur far less than they used to. As a result our patients enjoy a beautiful final result along with the facial support that comes with maintaining all of your teeth for your lifetime. We still extract teeth when it is apparent that the patient’s face, smile or their overall dental health, will be enhanced by removing select teeth. However, this decision is made only after scrupulously reviewing the patient’s dental and facial situation as well as non-extraction treatment choices. We want all our patients to be happy with their outcome at the end of treatment and years into the future.

We are also committed to providing the care in as efficient and effective manner as possible. We do as much work as we comfortably can at each visit as well as scheduling as long yet effective intervals between visits. We work hard, with great success, to finish on time, as quickly as possible, with as little disruption of your daily life as possible. A well thought out, progressive treatment approach in balance with the latest technology permits us to consistently achieve success.