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Our approach to orthodontic treatment begins with each patient’s face and smile and moves on from there to rearranging teeth into the face as our foundation.

Orthodontic systems (brackets and wires) are undergoing an enormous advancement. Today a small, but growing minority of orthodontists are working to fully integrate new technology along with a more comprehensive diagnostic protocol into aligning teeth and sculpting beautiful smiles with balanced facial features that last.



Conventional Braces

Braces are not all created equal. That statement is more true today that ever before. Dr Oppenhuizen has recognized the advances and experience in the technological differences in the new systems.

Conventional braces that are used in most orthodontic offices require metal wire or elastic ties to hold the arch wires in place. Placing these ties makes every appointment more time consuming. Ties make wearing braces more uncomfortable and unattractive. Even worse, ties greatly reduce the effectiveness of high tech orthodontic wires while making it harder to keep your braces clean. Colors make look cool when they first go on, but they discolor quickly and inhibit the progress of treatment.



Let Dr. Oppenhuizen introduce you to: the Damon System


Dr. Oppenhuizen was one of the first orthodontists in Michigan to utilize the Damon System to create beautiful smiles and esthetic faces.  Dr Oppenhuizen can provide the best approach to focus the strengths of the system onto each individual’s specific treatment needs. The result is greater efficiency and effectiveness to deliver the best outcome to every patient.

                                   More than straight teeth….