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The Team

Our team has been together for years, and it shows. In survey after survey in our office, our patients and families have praised our team for excellence in service and dedication to the patient. Dr. Oppenhuizen has empowered every member of our Team to: ‘Do the Right Thing’ to always put the needs of the patient first.

Chris Klingenberg – Managing Director

Chris Klingenberg is in charge of all operations at Oppenhuizen Orthodontics.

Chris manages all activities that make the office run smoothly. She is the contact person responsible for handling any questions regarding financial issues, insurance, or office logistics.

Cindy Ter Haar – Patient Care Manager

Cindy is the patient care manager for our office. There are a lot of issues to cover at the outset of orthodontics, and Cindy will personally take care of everything you need to begin orthodontic care, and assist you on the way.

Nancy Kragt – Master Laboratory Technician

Nancy Kragt works mostly behind the scenes in our own in-house orthodontic laboratory.

With over 40 years experience, Nancy gives us the ability to do things in the office that most other offices need to send off to distant laboratories. Her efforts make us able to perform all manner of laboratory procedures quickly and efficiently. Her timely work eliminates many extra office visits for our patients – more than most patients ever know.

Katie DeJong – Patient Flow Choreographer

With a zealous attention to detail, Katie has been working side-by-side with Dr Oppenhuizen for over 20 years. While skilled in all aspects of chair side orthodontic assisting, she is the person who directs Dr O through the daily schedule.

Dawn Noorman- Chairside Assistant

Directed and diligent, Dawn has been working chair side with Dr O since the early 1990’s and also functions in directing patient flow in the treatment area.

Kim Fry – Chairside Assistant / Inventory Control Manager

Kim joined our team in the middle 1980’s. Coming from the U.P. she still has way too much fondness for winter storms.

Thoughtful, methodical, Kim works with Dr. Oppenhuizen at the chair in the placement and adjustment of your braces. She is also responsible for purchasing and inventory.

Sandy Stehle – Receptionist / Chairside Assistant

Sandy radiates spirit and loves being with people. She is the textbook example of an extrovert. A passionate sports fan, Sandy works at the front desk as well as chair side with Dr O.

Sandy has been with working with Dr O since she arrived in Holland in the early 1990’s.

Robin Bouwman – Chairside Assistant

Robin exemplifies the caring, compassionate mother. She works for Dr O as a chair side clinical assistant. She started with our office in the 1980’s and has years of experience working with Dr. Oppenhuizen in the placement and adjustment of your braces.

Mary Gillissie – Laboratory and Records Technician

Mary is responsible for new patient records, but she also is an experienced lab technician. With her caring personality she is responsible for new patient orientation at the start of treatment.

When not working directly with patients, Mary works in our own in-house orthodontic laboratory.

Kathy Schut – Chairside Assistant

Kathy works for Dr O as a chair side clinical assistant. She started with our office in the 1980’s working with Dr. Oppenhuizen’s partner: Dr. Fuder. She was his lead clinical assistant before she took several years off to raise her children.  Kathy returned to work with Dr. Oppenhuizen in the placement and adjustment of your braces.

Jodi Fogerty – Chairside Records Technician

Jodi is our link between our in office dental laboratory and chairside care. She will be the person that begins the treatment process for you.